About US

About US

Etkin Marin is a company brings innovative engineering solutions to the marine industry.  Etkin Marin was established at 2016 & as of today is being ran by Hüseyin ŞANLI who was the former  Shipyard Manager/General manager of  shipyard alongside a team of all experienced engineers. Therefore, our long history in our sector has made us very knowledgeable about the needs & requirements of the marine industry.

As of late 2019, Etkin Marin has built first turn-key vessel «NB1001 Ocean Apollo», 14,96m work boat which was sent to Shetland Islands. 

Alongside with Cemre Shipyard, NB66 Olympic Prawn 69,9m Stern Trawler accommodation rendering, furniture manufacturing & installation was covered.

Our current on going project NB1002 is being built to the same company as a sister vessel  to Ocean Apollo, it will be meeting October in this year. 

Etkin Marin aim is to built  a good brand   in next years for less than 60m projects. Our target is to react that size in next few years . Etkin Marin has now 1 x 15m order, 2 x 20m orders, our plan to grow that sizes with our customers. 

Etkin Marin will give them fullytrust, hardworkingteams, positive energyforjobs,  easycommunications for their products.

Fully trust

The aim of Etkin Marin is to establish strong bonds based on fullytrust between custo-mers, employees, suppliers and subcontractors. We are happy to see all our suppliers and employees as members of the Etkin Marin family. We look to the future with confidence by keeping the system dynamic.

Hardworking teams

We are proud to work hard & make overtime in order to do our work on time & with superior quality.

Positive energy for jobs

We make every work a positive new beginning and we strive hard until it is completed.

Easy communication

We establish rational, fast, solution-oriented & success-oriented communication between the supplier & the customer.