Logan L Net Cleaning Service Vessel Ready for Launching!

Logan L Net Cleaning Service Vessel Ready for Launching!

Logan L Net Cleaning Service Vessel Ready for Launching!

Etkin Marin was founded in 2016 and is currently managed by Mr Hüseyin ŞANLI, the former General Manager of Cemre Shipyard, together with a team of highly skilled engineers. The Etkin Marin family's connection with the sea goes back long before the company was founded. This synergy has made us very knowledgeable about the needs & requirements of the marine industry.

Etkin Marin, which has so far produced various types of fishing service vessels, has successfully built and delivered all types of vessels in the fishing class, including mussel harvesting vessels, fish farm cleaning service vessels, which were built and delivered on a turnkey basis by Etkin Marin. Subsequently, the sister vessels Ocean Athena and Ocean Apollo was successfully built, delivered to Shetland Islands in June 2022. (OCEAN FARM SERVICES) NB1004 Fruitful Bought - NB1005 Fruitful Harvest 19.90m Mussel Harvest vessels delivered in November 2023 and project completed in proposal time. (BLUE SHELL MUSSELS).

Subsequently all trials of the vessel named Logan L of which a companion fish farm service and cleaning vessel has been ordered have been completed and the vessel is ready for delivery. (COOK AQUACULTURE SCOTLAND). Currently, construction of two(2) ship which are 18,5 meter Steel Landing Craft projects are currently in full swing. (MOWI). The vessels will be built by Skagen Ship Consulting AS at Etkin Marin in Istanbul, Turkey. Delivery is planned for August 2024.

To see our quality and the standards we achieve, please take a short virtual tour in the 360 view tab on our website! (top right)

As Etkin Marin, our vision is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and to be their first choice by providing our innovation and sense of quality. In this way, we will become a model company, a unique and best brand for under 50 metre vessels for other organisations in the maritime industry.

Short Information
• Design: Macduff Ship Design 19,9m Net Cleaning Service Vessel
• Length: 14,96 m
• Beam: 7,00 m